First impressions are important. Your resume is your first impression to your prospective employer...

Perfect your Resume

Write your resume in a concise style in plain English, using bullet points for your accomplishments and experience. Start with a short paragraph of 5-6 lines, giving an overview of your career to date, followed by 4-5 bullet points of your career highlights. Continue with your professional experience, the most recent first. For each position, write a short paragraph about your responsibilities, including the technologies you were involved with. Follow this with your accomplishments and contributions in bullet points, listing more accomplishments for the most recent positions. After your professional experience comes your education, followed by any work-related seminars, courses and awards. Include any experience and activities with trade or civic organizations if they are relevant to your career.

Always rewrite your resume for each position you apply for, emphasizing your particular strengths and accomplishments that are relevant to that position. Proofread your finished resume multiple times! If your resume goes over onto a second or third page, make sure that page is completely filled, and not just a few sentences at the top of the page. Make sure you remember to give the most up-to-date copy of your resume to your references.

Lastly, make sure your resume is fresh in your mind before every interview – there is nothing worse than being caught out by a detail from your own resume!

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