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Our experience talks when we ask you multi-dimensional questions that will lead us to candidates who’ll hit the ground running, and who’ll develop long-term, successful relationships within your organization.

Our Database has over 10,000 CPG Job Candidates

We know the right people, the people who know the right people, and we have the right technology to find them.

  • A diverse community of the top, classically trained CPG talent in the industry.
  • A secure, cutting edge referral technology attracting the currently employed, plus active and passive applicants.
  • Personal, individual pre-screening by seasoned veteran CPG staffing professionals.
  • Available pool and resources through our national network of strategic alliances.
  • Lower turnover. Improved workplace. Higher productivity.

See some of the Fortune 500 Corporations that have chosen Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions as their staffing provider for over two decades.

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Executive Search

Whatever your corporate leadership needs, you can be assured that with the assistance of Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions, you'll quickly find the top CPG talent and leadership your company needs to stay at the top of its field. Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions specializes in job placements at all levels of marketing management, from associate product managers to executive vice presidents, and in all marketing areas, such as brand and product management, marketing research, consumer promotions, category management and product development.

Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions has a twenty year history of placing the best, most highly qualified candidates in management positions, from $50M companies to Fortune 100 firms. We have over 20,000 leading CPG professionals on our books, and draw top professionals in all areas of marketing. We are proud of our all-inclusive diversity policy, which seeks to further the professional careers of all, regardless of their diversity group. If you are seeking candidates to better reflect in your company the celebrated diversity of the United States, you have found the right staffing solutions company.

Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions is a woman-owned company that has strong links with organizations equally committed to diversity and equal opportunity, such as the National Black MBA Association, the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and the Network of Executive Women. This national group of strategic partners has allowed us to dramatically increase our candidate pool and become a recognized name to diversity professionals in all areas of marketing. Whatever the professional you require, we can source numerous high-caliber candidates for your selection.

Research shows that only 25% of US companies use a staffing solutions company in order to locate new leadership and talent. What do $50M and Fortune 500 companies know that these others don't? These firms use staffing solutions companies because they know that they are the quickest, most efficient way of sourcing only outstanding job candidates, who are the leaders of the future and will bring fresh creativity and talent, as well as being highly suitable for the job in terms of personality and career objectives and ambitions.

The most common reason companies give for not using staffing solutions firms, is that they feel that the candidates they produce are not of a high enough quality, or are really suited to the position and company. You can rest assured that Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions will never offer you substandard or unsuitable candidates for your employment positions; our long-term relationships with international, Fortune 100 companies are proof of this.

Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions uses cutting edge referral technology to attract the best and brightest currently employed professionals, as well as active and passive applicants seeking employment. Our candidates are all interviewed by one of our experienced professionals before being accepted onto our books, in order to ensure that they are truly of the caliber required to bring new talent and leadership to a Fortune 500-level company.

Once we have identified a new, high caliber professional, we work closely with them to ensure that we have a good understanding of their skills, motivations, objectives and ambitions, and will match only highly suitable candidates to your available positions. Since we have been matching skilled candidates to jobs in top CPG and Fortune 500 companies for over two decades, many of our job candidates have stayed with us and we have been able to closely follow their careers, getting to know them both as marketing professionals and personally.

When you have a new position open, one of our dedicated, veteran professionals will discuss with you at length not only the qualifications and experience you seek in the successful candidate, but also the other talents, leadership skills and personality that you require. We have pre-screened over 10,000 candidates and have a good idea of the skills, experience, talents and personality of each. We can immediately come to you with a group of highly suitable professionals who meet or exceed your expectations, instead of you having to wait for potential candidates, who may not even be suitable, to find you. This makes Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions the most efficient way to find new CPG professionals who are all highly suitable for any position you have open.

We sincerely believe that once you try Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions for your company's employment needs, you will never again rely on online job boards instead of us. By allowing us to present to you a group of highly talented, committed professionals with proven track records from which to chose, your company can be assured that your chosen candidate will bring great expertise as well as being a good fit for your company's culture and identity be motivated to develop their career at your company. Employing candidates such as these help form a strong and successful marketing team, cutting your employee turnover rate and greatly improving staff productivity by establishing a long and mutually beneficial relationship. A Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions candidate will truly hit the ground running and bring your company the fresh talent and leadership you are seeking.

Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions offers several different services to assist you in your search for new CPG talent, depending on your budgeting priorities. We can offer an Executive Retained Search, in which we receive our fee at the commencement of our candidate search, during the process and when the successful candidate starts working. Or we can offer a Contingent Search, in which we receive the whole fee at the end of the process when the new employee starts working. As another option, we also offer Exclusive Searches.

Fill out our form, or give us a call and let Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions get to work for your company and present you with a selection of highly qualified, motivated and suitable CPG professionals who'll get the job done and move your company forward as a CPG leader. We look forward to working with you!

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