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See some of the Fortune 500 Corporations that have chosen Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions as their staffing provider for over two decades. Your confidential career presentation through Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions means the people you want to reach are more likely to find you. Find your new career today.

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What We Offer Candidates

Whether you are seeking to advance your career in CPG, or are making the switch from another field, Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions will personally assist you in securing a position at a top company whose brand, identity and corporate culture are a perfect match to your talent and career objectives. You can take advantage of our connections and network with the United States' top CPG and Fortune 500 companies. Set us to work on your behalf – all our services are at no cost to you.

By joining our diverse community of the top CPG talent, you'll receive individualized service where the focus is on you, your skills and your ideal career development path. We realize that without our job candidates, our industry connections count for little, so are committed to providing the highest quality, confidential, personal service to our job candidate clients. We have over twenty years experience in placing candidates in full time, permanent employment at Fortune 500 companies and the finest companies in the CPG field. You can be assured that any employment offer you receive through us will be at a company of the highest caliber, where your talent can truly shine.

From your initial contact to successful job placement, Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions will put your needs first, never treating you like just a product to offer companies or putting you forward for job openings simply to make up numbers. You can be assured of our individual, personalized attention throughout the entire process, where your needs and goals truly matter.

First, one of our experienced recruitment professionals will set aside time to talk with you at length to discover your career objectives, expectations and ambitions, while also being brought up to speed on your career to date and particular skills and accomplishments. They'll then get to work reviewing current job openings at today's top CPG firms, and put you forward for jobs that suit your objectives and requirements.

By using Guidarelli's services, you can be certain of being considered for the latest job openings, which may not ever make it to the online job boards most other job candidates limit their search to. During this process, Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions' committed professionals will continue to make every effort to understand your career aims and objectives, ensuring that the jobs we put you forward for are supremely suitable for your career development and are the best opportunities in your field.

Job searching is a stressful, often lonely experience, but with Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions on your side, you can maximize your exposure to top companies and positions while also having dedicated professionals at your side to support and assist you through every step of the process. Although of course we cannot be successful for everyone, it will not be for lack of trying, and we can guarantee that enlisting Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions to work on your behalf will only improve your chances of finding your ideal position.

Once we have matched you with an open position at a top CPG company, Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions also offers resources to help you prepare for job interviews. We focus not only on how best to present and market yourself to the company, but also on how to ensure that the company is a good fit for you. At the executive level, the interview process is two way, as you are also establishing that the company is somewhere that you will be comfortable working and whose culture suits your personality, and we have resources and information to help you do this. Once you have secured a job offer, Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions will be there for you to assist in negotiations about your final employment package, and support you during the hiring process.

While you are successfully in your new job, Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions will keep your details permanently on file, so that we can notify you should we have other suitable positions open that could advance your career. Other top CPG and Fortune 500 companies will have access to your resume and can become aware of your talent when they are next looking for highly skilled CPG professionals.

So, why should you use a staffing solutions firm in your search for your next job, when there are so many online jobs boards to use? Today, only one in five job seekers uses a staffing solutions company in their job search. Most candidates simply use the online job boards, and more use Craigslist than a professional staffing company! Quite simply, these candidates are missing out on a great, free opportunity to put dedicated professionals to work for them, by using our contacts and years of experience in the CPG industry to focus on the best opportunities for that particular candidate's skill set and professional development aims. Using a staffing solutions firm guarantees that you will come to the attention of the top employers in your field. Maybe you still would through answering ads, but there is a big difference when you are personally introduced to a company, by a trusted business associate such as Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions!

As a female owned and operated company, we recognize both the diversity present in the US and the problems that diversity groups can sometimes face when it comes to employment at the highest levels. Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions is deeply committed to the promotion of the professional careers of all, and works towards a society where the great diversity of the United States is mirrored in the employees at the highest levels of the CPG industry's top companies.

We have strong and growing relationships with organizations that share our diversity principles, such as the National Black MBA Association, the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and the Network of Executive Women. We work closely with other staffing firms that share our ideals, in particular those also operated by members of diversity groups.

Whether you are a member of an ethnic minority, a woman at a high level in a traditionally male-dominated industry, or a foreign immigrant to the USA, we will handle your employment search with care, respect and confidentiality, and aim to be a company that you can proudly recommend to your family and friends.

Many companies now have their own commitments to diversity, and many are actively seeking candidates from diversity groups. Contacting Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions is the best way to ensure that these companies are aware of your talents and are able to consider you for their latest vacancies.

Find your new position or new career with Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions. We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to companies and positions that will allow you to use your talents to their full potential!

Candidate Resources

Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions is one of the top choices of many Fortune 100 companies when it comes to staffing requirements and we work closely with these companies on a daily basis. But, we are also genuinely interested in and dedicated to assisting the careers of our job candidates, both those that approach us directly and those that we find through our extensive networking. Guidarelli is here to help all CPG professionals, and we have put together a short section of resources to assist in your search for your next CPG position.

No matter how good your qualifications, skills and experience are, you need to know how to make your resume shine and how to create a great impression at an interview. Remember, interviews are a two way process at the executive level; it's not just about them analyzing you, you also need to check them out and make sure they offer an environment and values that you will be comfortable working in and where your career can develop to its full potential.

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