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Brand Marketing and Over 20,000 CPG Job Applicants to Exceed your Requirements

As an executive search firm for the Consumer Package Goods industry, Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions specializes in placing all levels of management for $50M companies to Fortune 100's in the areas of:

  • Brand Marketing (primary focus)
  • Sales, Category Management, Marketing Research, Advertising & Promotions, Trade Marketing
  • Over two decades of personalized interaction with the top, classically trained management careers in CPG.
  • The respect and business of dozens of CPG's finest corporations.
  • High-speed, technology-driven networking to 20,000 targeted candidates.

Nationwide Strategic Alliances Whose Focus is Consistent with Ours

  • Society of Human Resources Management
  • Network of Executive Women
  • National Society of Black MBA’s
  • National Society of Hispanic MBA’s

Individualized, Personalized Services

  • Multiple-project packages and budgets.
  • Directives can be taken through your staffing department or your own office.
  • Customizable programs for urgent, confidential, or special needs.
Corporation or candidate, choose Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions for targeted CPG staffing knowledge, experience and technology.

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The Guidarelli Approach

Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions has over twenty years experience in matching highly qualified, skilled CPG professionals to open positions in $50M and Fortune 100 CPG companies. The fact that we can list companies such as Coca Cola, Gillette, Texas Instruments and the Kellogg Company amongst our many returning clients, is testament to how valued and respected Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions has become in the staffing and CPG industries.

Founded by Shelley Guidarelli in 1984, Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions has rapidly expanded and developed to become one of the top staffing solutions firms in the US, with a nationwide client base of the best CPG companies and over 20,000 pre-screened, high caliber CPG professionals on its books. Guidarelli's focus is primarily on Brand Marketing, but also places professionals in the fields of Sales, Category Management, Marketing Research, Advertising and Promotions and Trade Marketing. This broad spectrum of areas of expertize and candidates makes Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions ideal when you are considering filling any vacancy in your CPG firm.

Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions has built its name on providing only the most talented, creative CPG professionals, with proven track records in varied CPG and marketing fields. At the same time, Guidarelli is known as one of the best staffing solutions firms for job candidates, as it provides a personalized, individual approach, closely focusing on each candidate's skills, objectives and career ambitions to provide a tightly focused, confidential, and always high quality service.

In a highly competitive field, Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions has built its reputation on matching these high level professionals with the top CPG firms in the United States, using high speed, up-to-the-minute technology to network and find only the best candidates. Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions has always used groundbreaking new ways to network in the CPG field, now including social networking and use of sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, The Ladders and Jigsaw. Guidarelli's seasoned staffing solutions professionals discuss at length each candidate's unique qualifications, experience, talents and goals and each employer's requirements and desires for the successful candidate.

Through using this approach to intimately understand both the professional's and the employer's aims, objectives and ambitions, Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions can provide today's top CPG firms with job candidates who are all not only exceptionally qualified, but also supremely suitable to work at that particular job and firm. When a top professional and a top CPG firm are matched in this way, a long lasting relationship is formed, with both professional and company achieving new goals and heights.

As a woman-owned and operated company, Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions is committed to leading not only in recruitment, but also in diversity. Guidarelli recognizes the problems diversity and minority candidates can experience, and also the difficulties faced by companies wishing to recruit candidates reflecting the wonderful diversity of the United States. Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions has close working relationships with professional diversity groups such as the Network of Executive Women, the National Black MBA Association and the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, and liaises with other diversity staffing firms to expand its network of diversity professionals. Other nationwide, respected organizations who share Guidarelli's values are and the Society of Human Resources Management, and Guidarelli has long term, strategic alliances with these organizations.

Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions is also committed to developing working relationships with diversity groups at the top MBA schools, to improve opportunities for diversity candidates and expand the pool of diversity professionals from which our clients can chose. Guidarelli's aim is that the professionals working in the United States' top CPG companies should as closely as possible represent the great diversity found in the United States, and Guidarelli is dedicated to making that a reality as soon as possible, and assisting as many diversity candidates as possible in developing their careers to their full potential.

With the huge numbers of well qualified candidates seeking jobs today, it is more important than ever that companies have an efficient way of filtering candidates so that job openings can be timely filled by a highly qualified and well-suited candidate. By putting Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions to work, a company can rapidly have access to the highest quality candidates with the specific skills and talents that they need, coming from a reliable, trusted source.

Professionals seeking positions can use Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions' services to ensure that they are quickly brought to the attention of the top CPG companies, while also receiving support and assistance in applying for sought-after positions. When just using online job boards, it is left to chance whether your resume will come to the attention of the right people. With Guidarelli working on your behalf, that chance becomes a certainty, and will also come with a personal introduction from a trusted partner. Why would you just send your resume cold to a company you found on an online jobs board, when you could have that personal Guidarelli Executive Search Solutions introduction?

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